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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show". [cheers and applause] my name is jon stewart. my guest tonight jim demint a former senator from south carolina who left the senate to join a think thank because -- think tank because even just thinking around thinking in a tank -- [laughter]
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-- is more satisfied than being a united states senator. that's how bad it's gotten in the senate. not -- i will say this though, not that the senate is doing nothing. they did recently, i believe, pass the farm bill. >> the new farm bill president obama signed into law yesterday cuts $8.6 billion from food stamps during the next decades. >> >> jon: good. i think it's wasteel. who collects food stamps. the elvis' fat and skinny. you have your develop streeta zinni liberty bell. there no matter how valuable they may be they are just going to be bad -- oh, really food stamps are a form of assistance that allows those who are hungry to be less so. why would you cut that? lobbying from big stam stomach
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pang. >> using food stamps to buy ipads or cigarettes. >> you hear stories about people on food stamps going to vegas drawing money at casinos. >> jon: yes, you do hear all these stories. whether or not they are true or indicative of widespread abuse is not really the point here because you hear them. as a reporter on a news network it's your job to pass them along through your mouth hole. as your slogan says fox news. we read the chain mails your grandma gets. so -- other than gambling. what else have you heard people are doing wrong with their food stamps? >> a lady trying to buy dog food with food stamps. if you are getting food stamps the last thing you should be buying is soda. >> there's a thing there to get
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the junk food. >> people on welfare are going to disney land swiping the ebt card getting the big chicken legs. >> jon: without addressing the larger point of disney land's poultry being turkey not chicken but you are poor. and out of the goodness of our hearts we've given you a food starch. the least you could do is not spending it food that could we used as a weapon in the coming class war -- [laughter] -- and b spend it on healthy fresh nutritious food like seafood. people say eat more fish. if you use that the fox hounds would have no problem. >> this picture says it all people using food stamps to buy gourmet crab legs. >> is it so acceptable that fresh seafood whatever s it is you want to get in problem. >> fantastic give the people what they want fresh seafood.
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>> jon: i think we established it is possible if you are on food stamps to buy seafood which is apparently now considered the mercedes of food. [ laughter ] can we move on? point taken. >> you can use ebt cars, eric, down at the organic market at the east village. you can get organic salmon, wild salmon. it's insanity. >> jon: what is with the (bleep) fish? what is this? [laughter] they get wild salmon in the east village. i have always said poor people's salmon should come if a can from an outer borough. i'm with you on the insanity part i disagree on who is suffering from it. we don't want food stamp recipients eating junk but we don't want them taking the nice human food. what the right mixture of quality and class based shame
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poor people should aim for in the meal planning? >> not very long ago but it was only for staple ideas, flour, meats those type things. >> jon: flour and meats. [ laughter ] well, it looks like it's somebody's birthday. [ laughter ] see the ketchup pact from a local establishment and you have yourself a three course meal. [ laughter ] meat porridge ala heinz. [ laughter ] are there any other nonfish related problem? >> on my radio show a guy called in who said he owned fitness centers. government has even allowed food stamp recipients to use their cads for fitness training programs. >> jon: oh, my god! [laughter] now far be it for me to
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criticize former republican presidential front runner herman cain. [ laughter ] but food stamps cannot be used for fitness training programs. you are confusing food stamps with medicare advantage or state funded programs that provide vouchers for fitness which m.i.t. be cheaper than heart medication. food stamps can be used for food. this fact you can remember with the knew monic i used food, food stamps can only be used for food o-o dummy. [ laughter ] it's a simple knew dpnuemonic. is there anything else you have an issue with. >> from cradle to grave connecticut democrats pushing
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for government to pay for -- if they choose diaper what's is next toothpaste, car seats? [laughter] >> jon: if these poor children are safe and hygienic, how will be able to tell the street urchins from the normal other than their pockets bursting with government provided crab legs. obviously that pundit coming off relatively unsympathetic. watch the rest of panel remove the qualifier relatively. >> if you can't afford with new fanged diaper what's is going on going back to old school. swaddling cloths are probably good enough for baby jeez your they are probably good enough for your baby, too. >> jon: it's like that bracelet i have, wwjs -- where
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would jesus soil? [cheers and applause] it's about a philosophy one that prizes self sufficient sufficiency. >> if we want to teach people to fish give them an opportunity and not have them dependent on president obama. >> ronald reagan used to quote a saying if you give a man fish he eats for a day if you teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. >> jon: finally clarity. fox doesn't mind poor people eating seafood as long as the poor people catch the seafood themselves than obviously it's a win win. yes? >> a viewer worked at a bake shop. the person witnessed using food stamps to come in and buy bait to go and fish with. use pg taxpayer money to buy bait to bass fish. >> jon: i stand corrected. [ laughter ] for some (bleep) weird reason,
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transferred money from his before larry instantly bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. >> jon: welcome back to the program. you know, it's been brought to my attention many times. the great martin luther king, jr., once said the road to equality is a difficult hard road.
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many bathroom breaks and hopefully a stop for snacks. look it up, did he say that. [ laughter ] -- he did say that. is our trip finally coming to an end? jessica williams filed this report. >> when president obama was elected and then reelected, one thing became perfectly clear. >> the truth is that the race factor in america is not an overwhelming problem anymore. >> we have a black president. we have black senators. >> is there racism? i don't think there's racism. >> racism is no longer a major problem in america. >> there you go, racism is over, people. or is it? >> more african-americans and latinos are being bitten by l.a. county sheriff's department canines. >> that's right. racist dogs. a recent study shows that during a six-month period 100% of fights from l.a. -- bites from l.a. sheriff's department dogs were on blacks and latinos. 100%. i sat down with dog trainer kay perry.
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>> dogs can not be racist. if the dog is appearing racist, the biggest problem is at the other end of leash. >> 100% of dogs were only biting are notes. >> right -- biting minorities. >> is there s- that because we taste better than white people? >> no. >> this is walter he's a long haired chihuahua. >> hi, walter. [growling] okay. that's racist. >> it only got worse. look at this. you are going to follow the black girl around the apartment. going to see what i'm up to, walk around. he won't stop following me he's racist. >> the dog apologist made excuses. >> the handler is the owners. >> oh, my goodness, people are not racist anymore. we have a black president now. okay so professional dog trainers don't see racism. i decided to find out why do
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black people taste so good to dogs when i tiepped in black people google auto fill gave me. this now it's not just dogs computers are racist? what the hell is going on with the hate machines? >> going is hands off. trying to be predict active and search -- see what you are searchinger. s search results and searches people have tiepped in it's not computer itself it's ranking what other people are looking for. people are not racist anymore. we're past thank i assure you there's no racism from your computer or any other computer. >> siri can you tell me of good soul food restaurants in harlem? >> don't take me to harlem. ly get stolen immediately. you know, there are a lot of black people there, right. >> thank youing siri. >> that didn't sound like siri
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to me. [ laughter ] >> what is going on with racism. i talked to columbia professor and hairstyle copy cat karl. >> we're outlawing overt racism. today it's more subtle, of course. >> if you wanted to offend black people you had to do it person to person. what has the world come to? >> it's come to twitter, facebook, the internet, indirect means of committing racist acts but having real cons consequences. >> what will be -- we see in the future having an all racist internet. wait, that's just the internet. >> we're making progress but there's more progress to be made. >> we're progressing. i look forward to a future where racism is a thing of the past. >> good morning. >> hello. >> i hope you enjoy the coffee. >> oven, baked chicken. >> i think you said fried chicken. >> i said baked chicken.
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: hi, everybody welcome back. my guest tonight former republican senator from the great state of south carolina current it will president of heritage foundation. his new book is called "falling in love with america again." please welcome back to the program jim demint. sir -- [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much for joining us again. the book is called falling in love with america again. sir, i have to ask -- how can we win you back? what can we do? how did you fall out of love with us? do you feel like we took you for granlted? do you feel like -- what was it that made you feel like the magic was gone? >> well, jon, you know we're all
9:21 am
blessed to be americans and a lot of us are worried we might be going in the wrong direction. we have a lot of young folks here today. a large majority of young americans say they no longer think the american dream is attainable. and most of them will live a less -- will have less opportunity in their lives than their parents did. that's the first time in history. what i'm trying to do here is just remind americans that we can change that course but we have to do it ourselves. and it's when we remember that we're a ground up country rather than a top down. it's not political. it's not partisan. but we were actually built as a nation different than any other nation because we decentralized individuals, communities working together, what we call little platoons. it's working across america today. >> jon: little platoon? >> you like that word. >> jon: what you are saying is we need more i guess community organizers? [laughter]
9:22 am
>> we talk about a lot of community organizers, people who solve problems, create new schools, more choices, a lot of people helping to solve health care at the local level. states like north dakota opening their energy creating a lot of jobs. >> >> jon: right. >> we can create solutions. i've been on the inside of congress. i lived most of my life out of politics. i solutions are out of washington. i feel like politics is dividing the county. when i tewk people they are not nearly as divided about common sense ideas. i'm just optimistic if people start voting for themselves rather than some concept of what government might do. >> jon: government has -- if you also poll people they would say, i think 65%, 75% would say government has a role to play in helping knows poverty. >> sure, yeah. >> jon: the difficulty i have at times in that divide of those who feel government has less of
9:23 am
a role to play, rather than reforming they abdicate responsibility and obstruct. what they do is pause the function of government to -- cause the function of government to cease. by doing that they hurt a tremendous amount of people without reforming a system that desperately needs smart reform and not obstruction. >> your right. our hearts, i think, are in the same place. if you look -- >> jon: no they are not. >> oh, yes. [laughter] >> jon: okay. check wise, yes, biologically they are. wasn't the heritage foundation the one that promoted this idea of shutting down the government. >> no, we didn't. >> jon: sorry. i thought you promoted that. >> we did not think we should proceed with the implementation of obamacare. >> jon: i see. >> it was not ready for primetime. we didn't think it should be funded and that would delay it. obviously folks had different
9:24 am
opinions jnch this fun, right it's enjoyable. >> it is enjoyable. >> jon: because with we walk out of this i will understand a little bit better where you are coming from and you will just feel sad. [laughter] >> i'll do go have some seafood. [ laughter ] >> jon: come on. [ laughter ] exactly. [cheers and applause] when is this debate -- when are we going to have a real debate about this and not just a talking point-fest in -- when is that because -- you say government is not accountable but they are. elections are accountability. the free market is accountable to market forces but the government is accountable to us. it's why i believe it's still an effective tool because it's the only thing that we have that we the people can actually make changes in. i can't make changes to pfizer or exxon or any of those companies because i'm not a big enough shareholder in those but
9:25 am
this can't i can. that's why i think to demonize that or to make government the problem is to abdi gate our own ability to reform it. >> i think it's abdicating your only responsibility in recognizing there's a problem. i want to show people there's so much misdirection and pretension in what goes on in congress. >> jon: do not disagree. >> it's hard for voters to know what vealy going on. >> jon: true. >> just like the debt limit thing that went through. there was a controversy because ted cruz made them go through the regular process but it was the same whispers that good on. hey, if you help us get this perch to pass you won't have to vote for the final thing. you help us pass it. that goods on all the time. >> jon: when is he coming on? do you know cruz? >> yes. >> jon: when is he coming on
9:26 am
he would hate this. he would love this. >> you and he -- i gash -- the way he is presented to the media is totelely different. he is a smart guy, not afraid of people in washington. >> jon: let's have him on to have a lovely conversation. that would be nice. >> i'm not his manager. >> jon: no, no, no. the book it is interesting. i do appreciate you coming by and having the conversation becauses you certainly don't have to. this is an elective course and i appreciate you coming by. >> a lot of people get their news here, jon. >> jon: that is truly the scariest thing i've heard in my life. >> i know it. >> jon: they won't for long. falling in love with america again. maybe if america met us at the door wearing nothing but saran wrap. it's on the bookshelves now. jim demint. [cheers and applause] tall the building is, or how ornate the halls are.
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delivery or digiorno? delivery or digiorno? digiorno. now with a richer, more flavorful new sauce made with more herbs and spices... digiorno's rising crust pizza comes fresh from your oven and is now better than ever. thankfully it's not delivery, it's digiorno. nestle. good food, good life. [cheers and applause] >> jon: that's our show. listen man -- [cheers and applause] -- i don't know where in that interview we cut to commercial but i assume bed to because we're not allowed to just go for 40 minutes without at least reminding you that you should buy beer or a car. [ laughter ] but i hope you check it out on the web. it was interesting and when we made out it was really -- it was unexpected. here it is your moment of zen. >> could you live on $133 a month for food? >> i should try it because you
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know how fabulous i'd like. so skinny. the camera >> stephen: tonight, ukraine is on the brink of disoofter, so things are improving. and new controversy over gay marriage. i think jonathan is totally settling for david. and my guest jaron lanier has a new book called "who owns the future?" i know one thing-- it's not people who write books. singapore is now the world's most expensive place to live. for the world's cheapest place, check your clothing label. this is the "colbert report. captioning sponsored by comedy central

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